Data strongly influence our political life.

Nowadays, most of the citizens around the world use the internet in daily life and we leave our online footprint in the internet space. That becomes the target from political campaigners or economic fields. Today I would like to focus on how data drives political campaign.

Sarah A. King for The Washington Post

What is a political campaign? It is like an organisation trying to affect audience to make a decision related to political kinds of stuff, such as election, through some simple techniques, like the advertisement, hustings(Week 9 Lecture). Besides, it is found that moderns political campaign has already built a database including citizens’ information which is directly valuable and related to the final campaign as much as possible(Nickerson and Rogers, 2014). That will analysis the possibilities of citizens in political fields. Because of the importance of the political campaign, each country sets law to restrain it but it still exists. For example, the 2012 US presidential election, Barack Obama won re-election. The Guardian reported that Obama’s big data strategy contributed to his success. Large-scale and in-depth data mining helps Obama play an important role in obtaining effective voters, advertising and fundraising. The Obama campaign says big data is a big advantage over Romney. And the final result proved that(The Guardian). After that, there is an increasing trend of using data to drive political campaigns, attached with strong concerns(Week 9 Lecture). It is not easy to prevent the effect of online data.

In closing, we call on every politician using internet and data correctly and appropriately. Every campaign should announce clearly what and how they deal with data and make sure of the security(ICO, 2017). Because politicians are the main character of each country and it forcefully affects the future of the country. Political campaigns should be cautious so that it is justified for each citizen. 


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  • Week 9 Lecture. Data-driven marketing & political campaigns.



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